Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Interior Update!

I apologise for not updating very regularly with photos but there's only so much you can comment on when the exterior takes so long to go up and then we had a month delay whilst they leveled out the slab and fixed some water leakage problems in the rumpus. All of that is behind us and we've finally been able to go inside and have a look at the tiles and the paint! It's really hard having to wait for the tiles to dry before you can go inside but it was very worth it seeing it all come together today and knowing you're so close to getting inside.
The tiles have plaster dust all over

Mum inspecting the kitchen, we asked for square splashback tiles but somehow got the rectangles, quite disappointed with that because we've had this design before and didn't like it.

Stained bifolds and a smiley face

Ensuite, note none of the counter tops have the stone installed yet

Media room, i love this colour so much it's very warm and inviting

Close up of the smoke pearl against the white although these photos make it look creamier than it is

Outside (to be rendered at handover). The front doors are the same colour as the laundry door. Will buy some mahogany front doors at a later date!

I am mostly happy although I'm not sure about the smoke pearl. It is a beautiful colour but our kitchen has quite a creamy tone as does the tile which would suit a creamier paint colour. It also has a tendency to look slightly pinky in the bright light. I am trying to not focus on it so much as the house will look lovely with the furniture inside but it is really hard being a perfectionist over small minute details especially when building a house.

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