Thursday, March 8, 2012

We have been lucky to have come to Melbourne with minimal furniture after a massive cull before moving here. While our old furniture went to new homes via the Salvos and Vinnie's we've been able to choose a colour scheme for our home without worrying about whether preexisting furniture would suit. We have been so excited to go furniture shopping and finding bits and bobs for our home that furniture window shopping pretty soon turned into an outright buying frenzy and now our front lounge room of our current rental is filled with furniture that wasn't able to wait a few months for our house to be built while the rest is at Harvey Norman who will send the items directly to our home when we move in. Here's some stuff we've bought and I'm still trying to figure out where it should go.
Well made simple design for the family room, the colour matches our dining chairs perfectly
This Nova modular from Harvey Norman was on sale, we chose a colour very similar to our paint colour in the media room which is Wattyl Reiki.
We finally found a beautiful dining table that fit 10-12 people and was an extension. The table will be stained in a mahogany colour and we bought chairs very similar (minus the stud detail) to the one below. The table looks more modern than I was hoping but it was impossible to find a long narrow dining table with an extension and have antique accents but the chairs make up for it.
Dining chairs will be similar to this and the legs will be stained to match the dining table
Brown leather armchairs (sorry for the terrible picture) we'll be using as accents
Not as bright in real life thankfully, more of a deeper blue but a beautiful shape
Absolute bargain could not resist the price and bought two 3 seaters for the lounge room, the green is really nice and calm and will tow in nicely with the mahogany fireplace and mahogany table pieces we're still searching for.
Could not find this online so had to take a photo of a Harvey Norman catalogue but I finally found my desk, it is a beautiful executive desk and we also bought the cabinet and hutch next to it although we bought a chair very similar to the one below rather than the one shown in the picture (I like wheels and spinny chairs)
Similar to the chair we bought except our leather was a teal green and in retrospect ties in nicely with the lounge which will be in the lounge room adjacent to the study.
Mum's bedroom set minus the dresser, really lovely
My bedroom set, bed, side tables and dresser. Holy moly when I saw it I fell deeply in love, it is everything I've ever desired in a bed and it looks brilliant in real life. I do not own the armoire as it wasn't available at Harvey Norman but I think the dresser and the WIR will provide enough clothing storage.
My mum won't give up her hideous green lounge we brought from Lismore with us so that will be in the upstairs games area now all we need are for Early Settler to put their white bed set on special, buy two single beds, various coffee tables and lamp tables and the really hard bar stools that aren't tacky pvc 2001 looking things. I've contacted Coco Republic that do the furniture for all Porter Davis displays out of desperation looking for the ones they used in the Waldorf I've posted previously but I can't fathom $425 per stool.

A Big Update

Frame completed!

Bricking done and since this photo has been taken the mortar cleaned to white
View from entrance
Kitchen area, door leads into pantry space
Alfresco area looking very nice and clean
 The house is now at lock up stage and since these photos have been taken the staircase has been put in and the kitchen will arrive any day now! Our supervisor has been really great and we've had not one problem so far.