Sunday, July 8, 2012


Good news! The keys were handed over on Friday (rather our supervisor made us go to head office and pick them up ourselves) but yay we can get in whenever we like! Today the lounges for our family room came as well as the dining and the bedroom sets we will need to put together ourselves which will be an ordeal. Sorry the photos aren't great, I took some great ones during inspection with the supervisor but my computer didn't upload them.

Side on

Front - fingers crossed we can render the front as I find the bricks ugly and busy


Lounge area

Monty racing up the hall

Family room

Picture taken from Family room overlooking Kitchen




Kitchen again

My 'Prometheus' kitchen tap

Monty taking tentative steps off of the landing

Upstairs games room

Monty racing up

Upstairs main bathroom

Main bedroom

Main bedroom again