Sunday, April 24, 2011

Electrical Appointment

You know when you've already blown the budget at the colour and tile appointments and tell yourself that it's okay because you won't be upgrading anything during electrical therefore you can afford to spend a little extra here and there? Yeah that's what we did and we lied to ourselves big time. Well we ended up spending around 5-6k but that's only because the majority of upgrades we chose were only the installed wiring for the things we'd buy ourselves and install later. We had the wiring done for the tv brackets, intercom, fan placement and ducted theatre surround sound/music (my mother really wants Michael Buble all over the house like the display homes have) which is still expensive in itself but does save us some money for things we can do a little bit later. We also realised that we needed a whole heap of extra double power points for table lamps and reinforced pendant light holders for the staircase and dining for future chandeliers. We also put in down lights for the theatre room, a dimmer, front entrance lighting, a pay tv point, extra tv points, another phone point and rear fog lights...we didn't really expect all of that to equate to that much money but unfortunately it does. We just keep telling ourselves that it's best in the long run to have it all done at once.


  1. Hi Sonia,
    Yes u can easily spend lots at electrical app :-(
    But as you said, money well spent, u won't be disappointed.

  2. I feel your pain. I had budgeted $4k but ended up spending $6.5k. The price of the downlights is what really kills the budget. $104 each is insane when you can get it done privately for $50 to $60 each. In all I’m happy with my electrical and will be spending another $1.5k post handover (downlights upstairs and flood lights around the house.

  3. The price of downlights is a bit ridiculous and we were told that whenever one blew we'd have to get an electrician to replace it which adds to the cost in the long run! Will be following your progress :)

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